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Drunk Sex

This is so important! So many young people everywhere and even many of my young friends don’t seem to realise that drunk/wasted sex is not consensual and therefore rape.
This is without putting into the equation the fact that many youngsters don’t seem to realise that silence does not equate with consent and they do not seem to pick up on body language signals and subtle verbal cues.

It seems there is so much work to be done regarding teaching people about consent and we need to replace “no means no” with “yes means yes” as most people who are raped do not say no out of utter shock or because us girls are socialised to be sweet all the time and put men’s needs before our own. Therefore how are we expected to suddenly say no in only ONE situation when every other time we are told to be pleasing and nice and not cause a fuss? It is also ridiculous to disregard the more subtle verbal and non-verbal cues implying the lack of consent when we have to navigate this field of cues when dealing with every aspect of socialising with people all of the time.

Drunk/wasted sex is not consensual. My advice to young people would be to not go home with people of the sex or sexes you are attracted to when drunk/wasted or avoid going into a bedroom with them unless you feel that you are always able to express when you are uncomfortable with any sexual activity and will never let people overstep your boundaries.


2 thoughts on “Drunk Sex

    • I realise now that what I wrote was a bit extreme and I didn’t even explain what I meant by drunk/wasted sex not being consensual. What I meant is that the idea I have got is that a lot of young people don’t that someone taking advantage of another person when they are drunk is rape or assault. Also, if you are very drunk or so wasted it’s much harder for you to resist and stop what is going on and sometimes people do not actually know what is going on. It says here in law about how drink and drugs affects ability to consent:

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